Reducing Water loss in the Pool

Swimming is a great exercise. Swimming also is a fantastic way to refresh oneself. So, for those who love to drench yourself in the pool, It is also a way to be fit and healthy. But make sure that your swimming pool is maintained well using In-Ground Pool Cleaner. Click here to know more about the fitness part of swimming. Swimming pool should always be filled with water. However, pool water keeps evaporating every day. This is dependent on the environmental factors. When pool owners notice a sizeable water loss in the pool, they should implement few tests to check if the loss of water is due to evaporation or other leaks. Water loss is a worry for all the pool owners. Here are simple ways to curb the loss of water:

Keep the swimming pool cool: Evaporation is one common factor for water loss. Warm water will evaporate faster than cold water. So it is essential to keep your water fresh. It is not necessary to maintain the pool in ice water. Keep the lowest temperature that can be withstood, especially in blistering heat days. Also turn the heat altogether during sunny days.

Forgo the bells and whistles: The decorations in the pool such as waterfalls look great, but they are water suckers. The more bells and whistles you have in your pool, the more the water level would drop. Turn off all the water features when your pool is not in use. This is indirectly beneficial as it also saves a lot of money on the services.
Your Pool a Pet Free zone: Pets love to swim in water but at the same time love to drink the same water. So letting the pets lose is giving access to the water dish. They would keep having a drink which is the reason for the water drop. Keep the pools off limit for your pets except for scorching days.

Plug Leaks: If you notice excessive water drop in your swimming pool, then the water drop is due to leaking. When it’s a leak, the pool would be losing as much as thousand gallons of water per week. If the leak isn’t taken care of, you might have to seek professional help to avoid the leaks.

Cover the swimming pool: This a good idea if the water loss is due to evaporation alone. Covering the swimming pool when not in use would considerably reduce the water loss that happens due to evaporation. The other advantages of keeping the pool covered are the prevention of chemical loss and falling of dust and debris into the pool.

Cleaning the swimming pool: Keeping the pool clean will reduce the water drop levels considerably. Maintenance of proper chemical levels in the pool will also reduce the drain of the water pool. In case the pools filters are clogged, the debris will never have any place to go. So cleaning the pools regularly are essential.