Swimming pool repair in Phoenix, Arizona

Like any other structure, a swimming pool get damaged at some points during its lifetime. Some damages are disastrous and need quick intervention from experienced pool specialists. Other damages are minor and can be handled by the pool owner. In Phoenix, most pool damages happen in the structural parts, plumping lines and accessories. This means a typical pool repair Phoenix usually touches on these areas.

Structural damages cause leakages in a swimming pool. The common structural types of pools in Phoenix include: Gunite, Vinyl liner and Fiberglass. Different structural types require different methods to repair. Gunite swimming pools suffer from cracks which can be repaired by a mixture of cement, sand and water. Vinyl liner swimming pools damage through natural deterioration process. Some holes which developed as a result of the deterioration process can be repaired by covering them with the right lining material. Fiberglass swimming pools don’t damage easily, but may suffer from leaks if the material is not well fixed. The leaks can be repaired by adhesive materials.

Most pool repair companies in Phoenix do a lot of work on plumping systems. A pool plumping system consists of return lines, suction lines, main drain, pump & filter, skimmer and deck. Most leaks on the plumping lines are caused by corrosion. Since most of these lines are usually covered, some excavation work is needed to locate the leaks and repair them with polymer adhesive. Most leak damages that affect pump & filter can be repaired by the homeowner. The best way to repair skimmer is to replace it. On the other hand, deck repair involves a lot of work and can only be handled by a pool builder.

Pool accessories are also subject to damages. The common pool accessories include underwater lights, water features and water slides. These accessories suffer from leakages, and can be repaired by polymer adhesives. Looking for the best pool repair service in Phoenix? Well, look no further than Kool Pool Care & Repair.