Checklist for finalizing stroller best suited to your need


Stroller market has evolved over the years. Understanding the increasing concerns and requirement of parents, companies have been designing some really compact, attractive and user-friendly carriers for the little ones’. Since it is one of the major purchase, we make, we want to be very sure about the safety and comfort of the baby and desire to get the best value for money. Depending on the age of the baby, our personal choice of the desired look and color, specific safety, and position adjustment feature we are looking for we can make a choice varied options ranging from luxury high end branded ones’ to highly durable lightweight strollers.

As per the study published by, we need to follow some strict rules while using strollers to ensure proper development of coordination, motor and motion skills. Proper posture should be maintained, and safety harness should be properly used.
There are different sizes and types of stroller available in the market. Let us go through their features, pros, and cons closely, so that we can make the best purchase suiting our requirements.

1. Strollers for newborns (Initial 6 months)

In the initial months, the body structure of babies is very delicate and fragile. Also, they cannot balance their neck and usually lay down in a fully reclined position most of the time, Strollers with reclined flat position or option of adjusting infant car seat or bassinet is a good choice. Also, the cushioning and fabric texture should be very soft and fluffy to give maximum comfort to the little one.

2. Full-size stroller

Most bought ones’, theses are steady, stable and durable stroller which can take care of the kid right from an infant stage to till he/she becomes a toddler. They have an option for various reclining positions and also have a larger range of weight limit. They are compatible with car seat and bassinet by using an adapter. Comfortable, spacious, enough storage space, steady due to larger wheels and conveniently prized. But a drawback to these strollers is they are bulky, take a lot of space to store and a little cumbersome to handle and fold.

3. Lightweight compact stroller

A perfect choice for travel, moving around in crowded and busy market or street, these strollers are very durable, convenient to carry with single hand folding. If your baby is old enough, at least 6 months +, who can balance his/her body while in the seated position, then these stroller is a best and cheap option to explore. The limitation with these strollers is they have limited accessories, less comfortable, less shock absorption capability due to smaller wheels.

4. Convertible Prams

These have come as a revolution in stroller business. Just by a use of an adapter an additional seat can be attached to these strollers, making it an ideal choice for twins or kids with little age difference. Also, this feature increases the scope of usability of the pram over years. Apart from stroller seat, even a car seat, bassinet can be conveniently attached. Only a limitation is due to a dual seat attached, the size and width of the stroller increases which makes it tough to navigate single-handedly or in a busy street.
Certain checkpoints for a good stroller are the presence of basic accessories and parts like an adjustable handle, canopy or shade, 5 point safety harness, footrest which is adjustable, storage pockets and baskets, wheelbase with steadiness and most importantly the braking system.