The Trendy Snapchat App


One of the clearly identifiable keys that highlighted the transitions from the last generation’s trends and technologies to our current was nothing more than a simple app known as Snapchat. Snapchat went from being a simple unattended idea to a blown out trend that seeped into everyone’s lives, becoming a major part of it to even celebrities and well-known people.

What is Snapchat?

snapchat Online is a mobile application that allows the capture of videos and photos with a self-destructing functionality provided with a timer ranging from 1-10 seconds and a myriad of other features you can learn about at In essence, it is a photo and video messaging app designed to connect people in a meaningful manner.

Furthermore, you can add a caption to your image with new doodles or filters to complete your snap and send it to the required individual. The uniqueness of this idea gave birth unto many new dimensions within our lives. Even some bad ones, but for the most of it, this app has given birth to many fun and joyful moments within many individuals lives. Snaps are exchanged daily between millions of users over the world as they bond over valuable instances in their lives portrayed in the form of images whether still or moving.

What strikes as a mystery to many people before becoming fans of this app is the ephemeral nature of it. Some people fail to understand the notion behind failing to save pictures or videos and having them completely disappear after a single view.

Funnily enough, the idea behind human beings seeing the value of something only once they have lost it has created a whole new dimension that attracted people to the app. Some cannot even understand their attraction to this type of communication, but they know best not to betray their feelings of joy and comfort that are brought as a result. This is the joy and miracle of Snapchat.

Added Functionality for Added Joy

Aside from being a photo and video messaging app, Snapchat then proceeded to add further functions that help people to socialize even more conveniently. Users were now able to create a story, which is just a fancy word for a snap that can be sent to multiple people, keeping you connected to many individuals at once.

Snapchat even went ahead and allowed people to video chat, giving users the option to either watch an individual or join them in the video chat as well. All these new dimensions introduced more addicting aspects to this innovative app. It is no surprise that by 2014 more than 700 million snaps were being made in a day. It is also no surprise that Facebook saw the uprising of this app and tried to buy it, but the offer was declined. We now see the wonders of this app and how it has seeped in even to the lives of celebrities who have now become avid snappers, snapping many instances of their lives to many of their fans.


If you are late as usual, when it comes to catching up to the worldwide trends, then panic no more. It is never too late. Make your way to the app store and get yourself a downloaded copy of this app as you experience the addictive vibes of connecting with people in this unique and innovative manner.