San Francisco For The Music Lover


San Francisco is a place that has everything to please any of various interests of tourists, while the focus might be on sightseeing; a traveler takes back a holistic experience about what the place has to offer. San Francisco while having some great spots to visit also has an exciting store of food and music too. The music venues in San Francisco are sure to leave the heart and soul of the tourist with cherished music memorabilia. Here are a few of the best music venues in San Francisco and what they have to offer.

The Independent: This is a medium-sized venue with an upgraded sound system. The place is constantly evolving and its music ranges from popular names, national acts, reunion tours and surprise standup show to keep the visitor entertained. The drinks too are reasonably priced.

Bimbo’s 365: This is San Francisco’s oldest of nightclubs that specialized in live rock and jazz shows in an art deco styled, red velvet lined walls that are entirely from a different time.

The Chapel: This is a new music venue that is housed in the revived 1914 church like building which is the official home of New Orlean’s Preservation Hall Jazz Band. It specializes in soulful and folk kind of music genres.

The Fillmore: In the 50s and 60s it used to be an African American music venue and in the late 60s it was the actual Bohemian rock and roll venue known. In 1994 it was taken over by Bill Graham and underwent a makeover. The stage has been graced by several popular performers and even to this day performers feel honored to be performing on the same stage. This place has the most sold out shows and its walls are lit up with old posters that can keep one engaged for hours.

Audium: This is a theater that is sound sculpted in space in a building custom designed by Stan Schaff in 1975. He is 84 years old and performs every Friday and Saturday evening to enthrall his audience with contemporary music. It is an ideal date experience which is set way back in the 70s. It leaves the audience with a completely unique experience.

Rickshaw Stop: This is a creatively designed space offering legitimate music over cozy drinking spaces. One could sit in the upstairs mezzanine and enjoy Indie pop or stay downstairs for something more upbeat. They also host special nights like Moth Story SLAM, Cockblock and Nerd Nite.

Club Deluxe: This place offers a perfect combination of pizza, drinks and jazz, blues and folk music. The place has diner booths and stools to complement the space it gives it an easy vibe to chill out at.

Davies Symphony Hall: This place has a special aura to it and the audience must at least abide to keep it so with elegance and grace while enjoying the most lauded and noteworthy symphonies that are led by Michael Tilson Thomas. Great talents like Audra McDonald, Janelle Monae, Rufus Wainwright and Burt Bacharach are sure to make your hearts overflow.