Beginning of a new age gift store


Gifts have got a new name and concept . is selling candles but not the ordinary ones, all these candles come with scents of poop, fart and vomit. A concept which started over some beers has become immensely popular in a very short time. The iconic online store is selling prank gifts along with its prank candles. This unique prank store was born on an April Fool’s day, what possibly could be a better day for the pranksters to rush in!

Although started with stinky stank candles, this epic store did everything possible to make sells gifts for all kinds of occasions or situations, be it a lover’s birthday, a novelty gift for an expecting mother it has the coolest stuff to instantly cheer up any person of any age. The most famous out of all the prank gifts, is the prank candle which gives out a smell of beer fart. Now it has a whole variety of Prank candles like Apple Pie Dirty Fart Prank Candle, Vanilla to Vomit Prank Candle, Bubblegum to Dick Breath Prank candle and stinky candles like Poop scented Stinky Prank Candle, Satan Scent Stinky Prank Candle , Fart scented Stinky Prank Candle to name a few. There are more to it.

It has a weird collection of candles with uncommon scents like Gasoline, Campfire, Blueberry, Nacho, French famous for selling Prank or Stinky candles, it is also the one and only in selling Prank gifts like Empty Envelop Prank , High Claim Item Empty Box Prank ,Empty Box Prank with Peanuts etc. in its Ship Your Friends Nothing section. The store has gone even one step ahead by offering help to the pranksters in choosing the best gag gifts for their loved ones with just one simple e-mail request.please visit One can even choose gag gifts for office purpose. All these items come at a reasonable price and often one can find exciting discounts at. It has three interesting sections like Prank Blog, Best Pranks Ever and Prank videos. Prank Blogs are written wherein they take time to share ideas about playing pranks or prank gifts .

This section is full of fun and entertainment. One can get many ideas of pranks or prank gifts for friends or colleagues. Best Pranks Ever has some cool prank ideas. Prank Videos connects us with some real hilarious prank situations in real life.

Over all Prank Gifts are making news and that is all about . It has proved that life might be full of ups and downs but it is never too late to have fun with yourself and your loved ones.