Finding paintball guns

Find your perfect paintball gun and you are guaranteed hours of fun. There are lots of great brands making paintball guns, and, to make the process of finding paintball guns extra easy for you, we have put together a list of some amazing guns that you can choose to complete that paintball outing and make it the best you have ever had.

One of the most popular brands of paintball guns is Tippmann. These are great all purpose paintball guns which are easy to load and fire and relatively light, too. This brand makes paintball guns that are of various sizes and weights, so finding paintball guns here for a kids party will be as easy as sourcing paintball guns for adults.

Tippmann typically makes portable guns of the type that you can run around with and use to shoot each other with paint as you chase each other about. But, if you want something that has more of a military feel to it then why not take a look at the brand US Army Project. Here, you can find paintball guns that mimic military weapons, so that you can mount a real campaign. As well as portable paintball guns, this brand also makes a variety of other types of paintball gun, including fixed sniper rifles. For ultimate authenticity, the designers at US Army Project also make various other pieces of kit, such as gloves and walkie talkies.

Another great all round brand is Sypder. This brand is not too different from Tippmann, but does offer some different types of gun, so if you want a paintball gun of a specific strength or shape then it is certainly worth while comparing Spyder and Tippmann products side by side to see which ones best fit your needs for your next paintball game.