Online reputations service is all about improving and restoring your and brand at a good standing. This is done by countering, weakening and eliminating negative material found in the internet and defeating it with positive material to improve your credibility and customers trust in you. Many people may think that these services are not important but they are of great help to people in all types of professions. Sadly, not many people know of their use and importance. There are many online reputation services available. Several online reputation services › Business › Marketing have been reviewed and the following two are among the best for businesses and individuals.


This is the most of comprehensive reputation management service. It manages SEO to ensure al the negative content is pushed off from the first pages of the search engines. It also tackles marketing campaigns, web design and link removal services among others. The company conducts a free analysis of your website and gives feedback even before you sign a contract. It promotes your most positive content and gives it a boost on the internet to make prospective customers more likely to come across your stuff. The most attractive feature of Webimax is that it offers on-one guidance thus connecting you with dedicated agents who communicate the progress of the reputation management plan. They also address potential threats to your image and keep you in the loop offering insights to what else can be done to prevent such attacks on your reputation.


It is an inexpensive and effective management service. It offers quality services like SEO copywriting, social media monitoring and leverage of company’s personal press contacts. It is best for reputation services for individuals. It requires only a commitment for a month and if one is dissatisfied with their services, one can pull out without spending a lot of money. Gadooks pricing rates are reasonable.

The bet reputation service selection began by choosing a pool of more than 40 online vendors’ including those reviewed by other websites. Vendor s who did not offer comprehensive reputation management details was eliminated. Majority of them put focus on SEO, online reviews, public reviews and social media t rather than fiving a combined report of them all. After having the list of vendors that offered comprehensive details, companies that were transparent about their services were picked. It was also determined if the companies offered services for businesses or individual or which offered both.

The online reputation service management was analyzed according to


This was based o how much information could be gathered from the websites, how informed they were about reputation management and the tactics used.

Cost. It was checked whether the packages and rates offered were reasonable when compared to other services.

Type of service offered. It was checked whether the companies served individuals, businesses or both. Unique features and extra services were also considered.

Customer service. We posed as prospective customers to see how the companies handled customer service over the phone and online. Reviews and complain from on line review sites were also considered.