The Easy Way To Grow Kratom Indoors

It is thought that growing Kratom plant is really hard. But that is not the case in reality. It is easier to grow this wonderful plant compared to some other plants. Some guides make it seem like you need costly lighting and customized soil to grow Kratom. You could grow your own Kratom successfully without having to worry about these things, with trial and error experience. If you want to know more information regarding this, it is available in the following link, There are a few specific requirements that has to be noted while growing your own plant.

Soil type

Soil ph level is very important in growing Kratom plants. The ideal ph for growing this plant is 5.5 to 6.5. They will be able to absorb nutrients from the soil only if the soil has ideal ph levels. You should get your soil tested for ph regularly. If you find it to be less alkaline you could use lime to adjust it. If you find it to be less acidic you could use sulphur to adjust it. It is recommended to use Epsom salt, to aid plants absorb more nutrients from soil.


Ph levels in water also have an effect on Kratom plants. Distilled water has a very low ph level. Since distilled water interacts with air it changes the ph levels considerably. You could test the water ph level with a ph paper if you find the ph meter to be more expensive.

Ideal pot

It is ideal to plant the Kratom in a larger pot since more room is good for the roots. It allows the plant to spread out and absorb moisture and nutrition from the soil, which helps it to grow quicker. It is not required to water the plant more frequently since the pot will hold moisture longer. Once the top soil becomes dry you could water the plant. If the plant has too much water logged in, the root will start to rot and get diseases.


Kratom plant will grow very well if placed directly under fluorescent lighting. Compared to other expensive lighting systems HPS and LED, which are also recommended for lighting the plant, fluorescent is much cheaper. A good light cycle works well with Kratom if you can afford it. However, more lighting produces darker leaves and veins.


Kratom plants need more humidity. It is recommended that you provide medium range humidity. If you find the natural humidity to be very low you could always use a humidifier to give Kratom a humidity boost. If Kratom is unhappy it has the tendency to drop the leaves. If it gets ideal humidity the leaves are more likely to grow shiny and glossy.

Regular pruning is required to maintain the size. As it is believed growing Kratom is not as challenging as it seems to be. With perfect soil, average humidity, sufficient water and good fertilizer Kratom gives you more positive results. Always make sure to interact with your plants to have positive vibes and help them to grow healthy and happy.