Choose Inverter ACs For Your Home And Save

 Inverter AC

For many Indians, paying high electricity bill is the only way they can survive the climate. Air conditioners have become a staple to every household and are usually the highest energy consuming appliance. Even if you have the best inverter ac on the market, getting it installed correctly is just as important as operating and maintaining it. The website recently stated that most air conditioners are always working at sub-par efficiency. But the most cost-effective decision any homeowner could make lies in buying the right technology and the right capacity for your home.

When BEE stepped into the Indian market to grade the ACs from one to five stars, the inverter AC was born. Unlike other conventional ACs, inverter ACs started off being graded the full five stars though nowadays, they are being marked in their own category too. The reason is that inverter ACs are so efficient, they can save up to 50% on your monthly electricity bills, besides being more stable than the regular air conditioning unit. While it is true that they cost significantly more than regular air conditioning units, they pay for themselves within the first few years of usage with the electricity bill savings.

Inverter technology is not new as such, but its venture into the air conditioner industry is only recent. The first successful attempt at creating an inverter AC was seen in Japan, sometime around 2010. Like the accelerator in an automobile, the compressor only gives as much energy as the unit requires for functioning properly, though it always remains online. This allows the temperature in the room to be maintained more efficiently via an internal thermostat. Not only has this technology been successfully translated into air conditioning units but also into refrigerators, its only drawback is that it is only available for split ACs.

The advantages of an inverter AC extend beyond the electricity bill savings. For example, most air conditioning units come in different sizes or capacities. A small room may require only 1 ton while a larger hall may require up to 3 tons to cool the area efficiently and these can be expensive. However, an inverter AC can adjust its cooling to best suit the capacity of room in such a way that its consistently draws very little power. Another advantage of inverter ACs is that they have a longer life time. Their start up speeds are gradual and require less energy while regular units require a high burst of electricity which will damage the motor in the long run.

Inverter ACs work especially well with solar hook-ups if you are planning to install solar panels on your roof. Because they consume very little energy, they can safely be paired with a solar panel setup for free sun-powered cooling. There is a plethora of advantages from using inverter ACs, so take your time to go through them. Pick one that suits your taste and enjoy a stress-free life of low electricity bills, efficient cooling and a low maintenance air conditioner.