Foods For Better Hair Growth


Hair loss does not cause any impact on our overall well-being. However, it could affect our looks and style. Having bald head could make you look more aged. This is the main reason why men are very much bothered about hair loss. Even if the hair loss is minor, you should take necessary actions to control them at the earliest. Because hair loss can lead to baldness if not treated properly. It is very difficult to get back hair grow on a bald head. Therefore, you should control the hair loss as quick as possible. You can use the best hair supplements to stop the hair loss. This scientific study by Harvard University, details the reasons for hair loss.

You should also focus on your diet to improve hair growth. It is a well-known fact that vitamin and nutrition deficiencies are a major cause of hair loss. Eating vitamin and nutrition rich food could surely keep the hair loss in control. So what are the foods great for hair loss prevention? Just read the article further to know more on this.

Salmon fish is rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, which can help in improving your hair health. Salmon not only helps in improving hair growth but also aids in improving your overall well-being.

Protein is essential for hair growth. Your body should receive enough amount of protein, which can be absorbed by hair. There are many foods that are rich in protein. Greek yogurt is a great natural food that is highly rich in protein.

Spinach should be included in your diet very frequently. Spinach, a green leafy vegetable, contains many vitamins such as C, B12, A, Beta Carotene and Iron.

Guava is such a wonderful fruit that provides lots of health benefits. This fruit is very rich in vitamin C and can improve your overall health and hair growth. You can add a cup of guava in your daily diet. Guava is also rich in iron.

Including cereals, which are rich in iron could be greatly beneficial for your hair. Iron is responsible for improving the blood’s capability to carry oxygen. Iron cereals could help in preventing hair thinning, which leads to hair loss.

Instead of relying on green leafs for proteins, you should also include lean meat and poultry in your diet. Another good food for hair is sweet potatoes, which are rich in Beta-Carotene. Good blood circulation in the scalp is essential for hair growth. Cinnamon can aid in improving the circulation of blood, thereby resulting in better hair growth.

Eggs are the cheapest protein rich food available in the market. Eggs are rich in protein, iron and biotin. Oysters are rich in zinc, which help in improving the health of hair follicles.

You should wash your hair and scalp with good quality shampoos regularly to remove the dirt, grime and other dust. Build ups on the scalp can also contribute hair loss. If you find difficult to follow a good diet, then you should take hair growth supplements. You can read the reviews to find out the best hair growth supplements in the market.