Sending Fax Messages Via Gmail- Email Faxing

Email faxing is a recent venture that has proved to be a great success. Google has taken the initiative to start email faxing possible. The process involves third party solutions which facilitate sending and receiving Fax messages easily. It does not require any extra hardware installation or special set ups.
You can also fax a pdf over without any difficulty. shows how consumers have found it to be extremely convenient too. The need for a fax machine is also eliminated as the service provider can convert the documents into digital messages that can be transmitted via Gmail. The process is quick and reliable. Moreover, the traditional method involves a fax machine and paper. However, the latest version of Google fax eliminates these both. It is an eco-friendly method which provides ease in handling fax messages also.

All you need is to sign up for a Gmail account. It is this account that provides the base for your operations. Find a service provider who gives your requirements. You have to take into account the delivery speed and subscription cost as well. Once you select a few fax service providers, you can compare the packages offered. There will be a 30 day free trial period involved which gives you time to compare the services provided. You will be able to check if the features suit your requirements.

The cost savings are also enormous as most service providers give a 30 day free trial period. The package is as per the requirement of the consumer. You can check with the fax service provider regarding the number of fax messages, the operation efficiency, and data encryption details.
Also, the elimination of paper is eco-friendly by all means. There is also no hassle in handling the paperwork as the service provider has systems in place which convert the documents into digital data. This can be uploaded in the email as a fax document and send to the virtual fax number. You will also be provided with a virtual fax number which enables receiving incoming fax messages.

Steps involved
· Sign up in Gmail with your personal details
· Open a new email with the option –COMPOSE
· Enter the recipient fax number in the To field where you normally enter the recipient email address. Normally the number will be followed by “
· If you have a message to be entered in the cover letter, type it in the Subject field.
· The document to be faxed is to be attached to the email. All files like JPG, TXT, DOC, TIFF, AND XLS can be attached.
· Confirm that all the details are correct and verify the fax number
· Click on Send if all the details are correct.
· You will receive a confirmation within a few minutes if the fax has been sent successfully.

Sending a fax via Gmail is now as easy as sending a normal mail. It saves your time, money and increases work efficiency also. Why not try this smart method before you run to a fax machine for an urgent fax.