Fireworks Can Be A Lot Of Fun- Follow These Safety Tips

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Children and adults equally love fireworks. Some love watching the colorful displays which light up the sky, while some love to light fireworks and enjoy the occasion. Children love experimenting with fireworks without knowing the consequences. It is very dangerous letting children play with or near fireworks. Take care of your pet dog. They are very sensitive to loud sound, so keep them away from fireworks.

Eye injuries and burns are very common while using fireworks, so it is advised to take all precautionary measures to ensure the safety of our children and surroundings. Keep a distance when lighting sparkles when children are around. Keep fireworks and sparkles away from children face, eye and hair. They should not be allowed near the fireworks- it is better if they view the beauty of the fireworks from a distance. You can also cover their ear so that they are not affected by the noise. You can ask them to use headphones.

Keeping water as a precaution at the area of bursting crackers is highly essential. Keep sure to pour water on fireworks which do no light for the first time. This is the easiest way most of them get themselves injured. They try lighting the firework which did not work the first time. When we go near them to light it the second time they might burst to injure our eye and to cause burns. So be very careful. Be extra careful when using rockets. Always light them from a plain platform, so that they don’t turn directions which cause injury.

Always light the fireworks at a neat and clean space. Do not light near dry grass where the chances of the fire spreading is high. You have to be careful in protecting yourself and your property. Please store fireworks in a safe, clean and dry place. Do not store in places where petroleum products are there. Keep vehicles at a reasonable distance.

Some of the other safety measures are, lighting them with your hand which can prove very dangerous. Read the instructions given on the label to get a better understanding using different types of firework. Use some of the long devices available in the market to light the firework from a distance. Don’t point the firework at others which can cause injuries.

These are some basic tips to keep safe while using fireworks for the safety of our children and surrounding.