A graphic designer’s guide to buy best laptop under $500

There are so many options out there and with every page you check, you are getting all the more confused. Don’t worry, we are here to clear your dilemma. We provide you with the list of top 5 graphic design laptops for 500 usd. Visit here or here for more information.

Firstly, let us discuss what all specifications should a graphic designing laptop have for the best functionality.
We all know that graphic designing is not as easy a task as it is considered. It involves hours of sitting in front of the screen and straining your eyes if the display is not even good enough.
So, here comes our first requirement: Large HD display, to provide with the best of details without paining your iris.
Second would be a good hardware to run all your heavy software applications without a lag. We really don’t need a hanging laptop, nope! Also, greater file size means more storage requirement. So, we can not forget that either.
Battery life is another important aspect because graphic designers work for long hours and we do not want unnecessary battery drainage. At all.
And last, although not a necessity, but if the laptop is light in weight, it is always a plus.

Since we have laid out the basis of our needs, we can now begin the hunt.

1. Dell Inspiron 15 5000 – (< $450)
We have a plus here. It’s a touchscreen hence more accessibility to the screen. Let’s go to the specifications right away.
Display: 15.6 inch HD LED display.
Backlit keyboard: Yes. (Easier to work with in the dark)
Processor: AMD A10-8700P 1.8 GHz processor(with turbo speed up to 3.2 GHz).
Storage: 1 TB HDD.
GPU: AMD Radeon R6 Graphics.
Battery life: Up to 7 hours.
Weight: 5.3 pounds.

2. HP 15-ay011nr – ( $460)
Finest in this category, HP never fails to impress. With an impressive battery backup and a bucket full of features this one’s a performer. Know it for yourself:
Display: 15.6-inch HD LED display.
Processor: Intel core i5-6200U Dual core processor.
Storage: 1 TB HDD.
GPU: Intel HD Graphics.
Battery-life: 7 hours.
Weight: 4.7 pounds.

3. Acer Aspire ES1 ($440)
With energy efficient LED backlight, Acer Aspire ES1 is a great choice if you do everything on your laptop. Details are as follows:
Display: 15.6″ HD widescreen display
Processor: Intel i5-6200u 2.3 GHz processor (turbo up to 2.8 GHz)
Storage: 1 TB HDD
GPU: Intel HD graphics
Battery-life: up to 8 hours.
Weight: 4 pounds

4. Lenovo 17 300
Being the larger one, this can be useful for video editing purposes as well. Although, the battery life is a little hindrance, it still is a game changer in its field. Find out:
Display: 17.3″ HD LED display
Processor: Intel i5-6200u 2.3 GHz(up to 2.8GHz on turbo)
Storage: 1 TB HDD
GPU: Intel HD graphics 520
Battery-life: 4 hours
Weight: 6.5 pounds

5. Dell Inspiron I3558-5501BLK ($480)
Another one from the dell inspiron series and is a beast amongst its competitors. It is 0.9″ thick and very light to carry.
Display: 15.6″ HD LED touchscreen
Processor: Intel i5-5200U 2.2GHz(3M cache, turbo up to 2.7 GHz)
Storage: 1 TB HDD
RAM: 8 GB DDR3L 1600M
GPU: Intel HD graphics 5500
Battery-life: at least 4 hours
Weight: 5 pounds

So, after a lot of research on our part, we came up with this list to make things easier for you. If graphic designing is your thing, then don’t hesitate. Choose the one from this list above and we promise, you won’t regret. Good luck!