Cupcake Ideas From Miss Mamie’s

There could be no other way to make those cupcakes more appealing than decorating them with attractive designs. There are several cupcake ideas that you can try when decorating cupcakes at home. Try this easy guide on how to decorate cupcakes.
Butterfly Cupcake
All you need for a butterfly cupcake are the following: candy coated chocolates, chocolate stick cookies, two regular size cupcakes, licorice strips and two small-sized cupcakes.
First up is to cover the cupcakes with frosting. Try to use a different front for each of the sizes. You can cover the small cupcakes with orange colored frosting and the regular cupcakes with yellow colored frosting.
Assemble the cupcakes to look like a butterfly, regular cupcakes right above the smaller ones. Decorate the cupcakes with candy coated chocolates around its edges. Decorate as well the centerpiece of your assembled cupcakes. Put in cookies across the butterfly’s body to cover the whole. And lastly, use the licorice strips for the antenna.
Snowman Cupcake
A snowman cupcake is perfect for the holiday season. You can check this simple guide in making a snowman cupcake that would look stunning and spectacular. Ingredients you would need are as follows: black chocolate covered candy, one regular size cupcake, gel icing, orange tube, one piece red colored fruit strip, two white marshmallows, one pretzel stick, one chocolate after dinner mint and cupcake frosting.
Coat each of the cupcakes with frosting. Hold the marshmallows together using icing. Then, hold these marshmallows on top of your icing covered cake. As for the snowman’s arms, break the pretzel into two equal lengths. Attach these pretzels on each side of the snowman.
Form a circle shape for the snowman’s hat using the chocolate after dinner mint. Attach the chocolate coated candy on top of the snowman’s hat using the frosting. Stick now the snowman’s hat on top of the snowman’s head.
As for the nose, cut a small portion of orange jubes. Use a stick or a toothpick to make a hole in the marshmallow. Cut the fruit strip forming a scarf to be placed around the snowman’s head. As for the eyes and buttons of the snowman, use a black gel icing.
Bee Cupcake
A bee cupcake can be very appealing to children. Here is a simple guide on how to make your very own bee cupcake.
Ingredients needed include the following: 11 cupcakes, buttercream frosting, 11 yellow jubes, black decorating gels, 11 square after dinner mint slices, yellow food coloring.
The first thing is to color the icing to come up with a bright yellow hue. Using yellow colored icing, completely cover each cupcake. Cut each after dinner mint slice into half and place each of these slices right in the middle of each cupcake.
Cut the licorice strips into small sizes and position them under each wing. Use yellow jubes for the head of the bee. Lastly, apply two dots for the eyes. As for the nose, use a longer stroke using black gel icing.
With this simple guide, you can certainly learn how to decorate cupcakes that would look alluring to children. To find out more about Miss Mamie’s reviews click here