All About Cast Iron Skillet/Pans

cast iron

Culinary skills are among the most diverse set of skills in the world today. Different chefs, both simple and seasoned cooks have their own way of approaching a meal. However, there is a common ground that can be established, among all the varied approaches the appliances/cookware have to be used.

These kitchenware as some may call them have slight differences and are integral in the process of cooking meals. A list of common cookware would be incomplete in every sense when a pan is missing, more specifically a cast iron skillet/pan.


It can be best described as a small container with a characteristic long (or medium length) handle that can be used for cooking, the composition materials of these pans are among the distinguishing factors in a long list of pans. As the name suggests the skillet in question is made of cast iron material and it has been in use for a long period of time. Some argue that it is a quite a priceless piece of cookware to have!

How it works

It goes without saying that the operation of this type of pan is very different from other types that exist in the market. It is important to note that this pan has to be washed with little or no detergents prior to its use.

This is aimed at lowering the wear and tear rates of damage it may be susceptible to. Once that is done, the pan can be subjected to seasoning, which basically entails heating it up to hotness, rubbing a little oil on its surface and allowing it to cool down.

At that point experts advise that the pan can used for cooking. After the cooking has been done, cleaning of the pan should be done by use of hands and not a dish washing machine. Another way is by the use of kosher salt to facilitate its cleaning.

The pan should then be dried once the washing process is finished since leaving it with water may have a gradual negative effect on its quality. Visiting the thinkcook website and considering to click for the top products will reveal quality information on the Dos and Don’ts pertaining to seasoning, use and even various types of cast iron skillet/pan.

Economic value

In a world that is run by the economic trends the use of pans also has to be scrutinized along such lines. In comparison to the lodge skillet, the subject skillet is more affordable thus recommended for buyers who wish to spend less on cookware.

Generally, the heat retain ability cast iron as a material is high, this means that the pan is able to retain heat thus have a lower strain of the stove, gas or whichever source of energy being used.

Pans made from cast iron material are closely associated with unique traits; among them are it’s the fact that it is non-sticky in nature. This guarantees less stress when cooking. The pan is also durable especially when it is properly maintained.Click here for the guide on the safety feature of ceramic cookware


The use of pans whose main component material is cast iron is not only a timeless practice but also efficient and bares unique advantages. It should earn a place in the list of must have cookware in to both and periodic and seasoned cooks.