Here Is The Way To Use Tinder Without Connecting With Your Facebook Account

Tinder is undoubtedly one of the best online dating apps. It is estimated that almost 9 billion people have found love through tinder. An app exclusively for finding love! The purpose of the app itself is beautiful. Tinder uses location details to find matches from the same locations. It uses social media like Facebook to find mutual friends, let them chat with each other, date and get acquainted. But using Facebook to login to tinder creates a problem as all the Facebook personal data is shared on tinder too, and many of the users don’t like that much. Hence users often look for options to tinder sign in without Facebook application. A study conducted by has revealed that most of the users prefer not to use their Facebook profile details to log in on tinder. People don’t prefer to mix their social and official life with their dating life and likes to keep dating as something private.

How Tinder Works
Tinder is one of the most popular and the best match makers available online. It makes use of the Facebook profile of the user to get the information related to the user. Tinder uses information like friends of the user, geographical location of the user, and also interests of the user. Based on all these they find users with mutual friends in the same geographic location and also with similar interests. The way to use tinder is also effortless. In case you are interested in a person, you could just sweep to the right side of his/her picture. If the other person also likes you, then that person will also sweep to the right of your picture. Thus a match is made. Now, both users can interact with each other, view each other’s pictures and if interested could take their relationship a step forward. If by any chance if, while interacting you feel the person is not good enough, you could just simply swipe to the left and un-friend the person. It is as simple as that!

Using Tinder Without Linking To Your Personal Facebook Account
Most of the users of tinder like to keep their dating life private and do not prefer merging their Facebook account and tinder into one. Here the best option to avoid mixing both is to create a new Facebook account with a different email id than the one used for your original Facebook account. Just create a new account giving all the details like name, surname, etc. same as your original account. You only need to change the email id. After the account is created and the account is verified from the e-mail you had given, the new Facebook account is ready for use. Next thing to do is open your tinder app and log out of the account. Then uninstall the tinder app and then re-install it from play store or the official web page of tinder. After it is again installed. Sign in with your new Facebook account details. So tinder will only acquire information from your new Facebook account. The old and original Facebook details remains private.
This is the best way to separate tinder from your Facebook account.